Monday, July 4, 2011

Teachers join parents and school boards in saying no to the FCAT

From the Tampa Times, by Jeff Solochek

The push for an end to state's heavy reliance on standardized test results got another boost late Monday when the National Education Association annual representative assembly adopted a resolution opposing the "misuse" of testing.

Hundreds of delegates from Florida participated in the event and supported the resolution.

"In Florida, we know the negative impact that the testing mania is having on our students, our teachers and on public confidence in our schools," Florida Education Association president Andy Ford said in a news release. "It's past time that we undertake a comprehensive examination of the testing culture in our schools and align standardized tests so they help students and that the tests are not improperly used."

The NEA's move comes as little surprise. The teachers union was among the original backers of the National Resolution On High-Stakes Testing. But its voice does add to the chorus in the state and country that is pushing back against what they say is a pendulum swing too far in the direction of high stakes placed on testing for accountability.

Florida political leaders have said there's no turning back on testing on their watch. But they have signaled a willingness to at least talk about how the results are used.

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